You Provide the Junk, and We'll Provide the Trailer

You Provide the Junk, and We'll Provide the Trailer

Find out about our options for your self-service cleanout in New Bedford, MA and the Surrounding Area

If you don't have a lot of heavy lifting to do during your property cleanout, you might only need a trailer and a driver instead of full-service labor. If so, Southcoast Junk Removal can deliver a trailer to your property for a self-service cleanout in New Bedford, MA.

You can choose a 48- to 72-hour trailer rental period. During your chosen timeframe, you can fill the trailer with:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Yard debris
  • Garbage
Load anything except for flammable liquids or asbestos into the trailer. We'll visit when the trailer rental ends to haul everything away for disposal. Call 508-991-1471 now to choose your trailer drop-off and pickup times.

How much space does our trailer have?

For self-service cleanouts, we provide a 15-yard trailer with a similar capacity to approximately six pickup trucks. It can hold a large amount of garbage, debris and small items - about 80 to 100 large, black garbage bags' worth of space. Worried about your bulky or oversized items? You can fit it all into the trailer with ease. To find out about our specific trailer dimensions, ask a professional from our team right away.